Wtf Lulu… just no

Why do albums like the latest collaboration between Metallica and Lou Reed exist?


How, in this green society can we justify the plastic that will go into the CDs? Why, when the culture industry needs some real creative revitalisation do we have an album released from the marriage of two long-past-their-former-glory musical acts?

Having just heard the preview of the Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration album, I can say that the YouTube commenter Jamie165 sums it up the best: “It’s the aural equivalent of that episode of Friends where Rach[a]el mistakenly combined the recipes for sherry trifle and shepherd’s pie.” It’s not often that the existence of a YouTube comment is this much more justifiable then the video it’s commenting upon, but there you go.

I mistakenly thought that YouTube previews of Metallica albums were supposed to pump you up, make you feel like you can become a mighty Viking warrior…while you air guitar along. The Lulu album preview however, makes you start wondering whether anyone bothered listening back to it before they stuck it up on the net.

Ultimately, chances are you already know if you’re a big enough Metallica or Lou Reed fan to buy this, and nothing I say here is likely to change your mind. However if, like me, you have a respect for Lou Reed and enjoyed Metallica’s earlier work, but was waiting to read some reviews before you took a look at this peculiar pairing, don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I was never “against” Metallica or Lou Reed to begin with, the former was the first major gig I went to, and Lou Reed’s music became part of the soundtrack to my first year at University. However, there’s a reason I’ve never put them on the same playlist.

UPDATE: As an interesting comparison, skim read this article from the Guardian, which sounds quite hopeful for the forthcoming album, clearly written before anyone had experienced any of the confusing mess. The tone of the review written by Alex Petridis of the final product is much more in keeping with what I heard on the preview: tired old riffs and tired old vocals.


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