Stream: Submotion Orchestra – Blind Spot

For the dedicated followers of any artist, experiencing the live performance of amazing records can lead to a very personal, almost religious experience unfolding inside your own head. Somehow, in the strange mess of coincidence (or not?) that lead to evolving the human brain, and our self-awareness, our noggins have found the space to allow us to stand in the middle of a crowd of strangers and connect with the sound created on stage. Perhaps it links up with the listening experience most people enjoy outside of live performance – the personal space created by headphones. Walkmans and iPods allow everyone to block all other distractions and fill their entire aural sensory experience with the music created by their favourite artists.

Transpose that into the middle of a Submotion Orchestra set, in a venue as snug as Concorde 2 (they’re there again 13th Oct), and you potently mix a recipe for an explosion of brain chemistry. The way they combine influences seems to encourage and welcome personal connection. The vocals cut through your skull and communicate on a carnal level that has little do with anything as modern as language. Despite the contemporary sound and the modern tools, the band are able to touch all the nerve cells usually reserved for quiet contemplation in the personal space, and bring them into the public sphere of a musical performance. Their music seems entirely suited to this purpose, remaining faithful to dancers, intellectuals and casual listeners alike.

This latest track offers me exactly what I wanted. More music that seems to touch all the bases at once, inspiring both the mind and the body to embrace the sound.

Blind Spot is out now, with remixes available from Distance, London-based duo Maribou State and Blackpool’s Opal Block.

Submotion Orchestra on Soundcloudcheck out the remixes here.

Tour dates:

  • 10th October: Sub89, Reading
  • 11th October: Academy, Bristol
  • 12th October: Koko, London
  • 13th October: Concorde 2, Brighton
  • 14th October: 02 Academy, Oxford
  • 15th October: Boileroom, Guildford
  • 16th October: Ruby Lounge, Manchester
  • 17th October: Sumo, Leicester
  • 18th October: 1:22, Huddersfield
  • 19th October: Studio 24, Edinburgh
  • 22nd October: The Duchess, York
  • 23rd October: Tuesday Club, Sheffield
  • 24th October: Eric’s, Liverpool
  • 25th October: Stylus, Leeds
  • 26th October: Twisted Pepper, Dublin