Rihanna may help to bring balance to the Pop style universe

Rihanna in her Last Girl on Earth Tour
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Rihanna talking about her style in an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his US radio show –

“I just wanted to go right back to something simple and something flexible, something a little more natural. It’s more about the music.”

Rihanna has said she’s planning to tone down her provocative image and that’s a step in the right direction I feel. Not that there’s anything wrong with her baring a bit of flesh, she’s entitled to and it seems to help her sell records, it’s just refreshing to hear her saying she might start looking “a little more natural” and that she’s interested in something “more about the music.” I’m just hoping she isn’t lying or that she’s just decided to wear jeggings instead of hot pants occasionally…

The singer Rihanna in AMA'S red carpet
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From what I see of pop stars, the top pop princesses suffer from a distinct lack of clothes that you could wear to your Nan’s for Sunday lunch. This is ok…it’d just be nice to see one of the others follow Rihanna’s example and ease up the balance. The key phrase in the quote above was “something a little more natural.” I’m not saying she has to always dress like she’s going to her Nan’s, just maybe wear something that wasn’t designed to show anything her management think she’ll get away with.

I propose we divide the Pop Princesses into two distinct groups. Have some of them dressed like they do now, converting as much of their body into their image as they can to boost sales, but leave the rest to start concentrating on making great music as their main focus. Just because you’re selling yourself as a musician, doesn’t mean you’re ugly. Beyoncé has probably the best opportunity to change her style at the moment without losing face, what with being pregnant and all, and she might even carry it on afterwards if she likes it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we turned round in thirty years, and the best way to get noticed in the music industry was to make great music and dressing up like a slapper was left to Barbie?

UPDATE 18/1/2012

Well this is embarrassing. Seems like it was all lies. In the time since I wrote this, she’s been caught topless in a field and there doesn’t seem to have been any toning down of her image at all.

This means nothings changed, which isn’t exactly bad, it’s just not the leap forward in feminine identity within mainstream pop I was gunning for in the article…and no change is a bit boring to write about to be honest.


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