Coming up over the next week & Imelda May

Hi there, nice to meet you. I’m Adam, and what I do is write articles about music I really like and post them on the Internet for people like you to read. Then I get worried that what I’ve written might get a bit boring, or you’ll drift off and start staring at the dusty desk fan that you stowed away for the Winter. Then it’s far too easy to end up staring blankly at the other wall, realising that you’ve got more important things to do then read blogs and when’s the MOT due on the car again?… So I try to dress up the articles with photos, videos, music and anything else relevant that I can show you.

Over the past few weeks my attention span has shrivelled up into a tiny ball, shrinking away from the bright sunlight that keeps streaming through the blinds beckoning me away from the laptop of productivity. How can anyone maintain focus when the Sun has finally broken through the winter blues and we’re all allowed to be happy again? This season otherwise known as the Easter break before the dissertation is due, is vitally important for any student’s chances of doing well in their degree. Which is why I spent most of it listening to London Calling on repeat and watching documentaries made by Don Letts whilst sitting on the Beach.

Basically, I’m up to my eyeballs in essays, and one of them happens to be about The Clash’s third album, London Calling. It’s absolutely essential listening in my view, and reading lots of long intellectual essays written about the album has only made me even more certain that it should be played through giant speakers on a permanent loop across London, throughout 2012. Apparently there’s some event that might mean a few more tourists in town this year?

Anyway, despite the volume of work I should have done over Easter, I have managed to book myself some time with some more Brighton musical types. So although it all looks a bit quiet on the Audible Thoughts front, don’t worry, there’s work going on in the background.

Already planned into the diary we have:

A live show with Ricky Gallimore


An update on Jenna Bennet’s debut release 

As well as all sorts of other fun music related, possibly also Brighton related titbits of entertainment for you to absorb at your leisure.

Here’s an Imelda May album to tide you over till I can give the blog more of my attention, using the new Spotify play button they introduced this week.

Read more about the play button here: Wired UK