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It’s been a while since anything got me excited enough to inflict my opinions on the Internet (today that’s you), but that brief reprieve is now over. Something or someone (hint: it’s a someone) has me so jumpy and excited I just couldn’t make it through the weekend without letting you know about it. If you want my opinion (I hope so or this is really the wrong website to be on) if you’re not frantically Googling the name Sabrina Altan by the time you’ve heard the audio embedded here, I’m afraid you’ve probably been born with a complete lack of conscious thought and you’re most likely to be dangerously insane.


Go go go


She’s taken the basic elements of music best referred to as Neo-Soul and filled in the gaps with her Freudian superego. Quality Neo-Soul looks to both the past and the future – maintaining a fiery outer shell of musical elements swirling around the immense gravitational pull of the central performer, and Sabrina brings a comfortable confidence to her performance that staples her message to the front of your brain, while her band backdrop it all with the relaxed style of people who really know what the fuck they’re doing. The brief moments of explosive virtuosity shining out through each song launch each stunningly executed phrase into the next, as sultry verses suddenly mushroom into vigorously amorous choruses.




Whether it’s the soaring melancholy of “Changes”, or the stand out sing-a-long, “Go Go Go” Sabrina and her band possess a collective an ear for the sonic definition of the word “nice”. Every flourish and moment to moment development softly persists in massaging the knots of stress out of the forgotten corners of a tired brain, while distracting your mind with audible treats and illusions.


I Own Thee


Quite possibly because I watched a documentary on him last week, the persona I found most easy to compare her to is Prince. Drawing such high quality musicians around her, focussing their talent towards completing their front woman’s personal musical mission. A spellbinding figure at the heart of a storm of her own volition, her show kicks music bloggers straight in the face and makes them spill half-formed article ideas all over the Internet, purely in the name of spreading the word.


Sabrina’s Website


Upcoming Shows:

The Green Door Store – Brighton (18th March 2013)

The Hope – Brighton (4th April 2013)

02 Academy Islington – Main stage Support (7th April 2013)

Shaka Zulu – London – Headline (5th May 2013)

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